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If you’re local to Warwickshire, you may have heard of an impressive young runner called Abedom Beyene. Abedom left his home in Eritrea in 2016 at the age of 14, embarking on a two-year journey which saw him walk across the Sahara desert, before eventually arriving in the UK last year.

Upon arrival, he was placed in a supported living house in Northampton. A keen runner, he joined the local Rugby and Northampton Athletics Club, which saw him bed into society and make friends. He became a regular at Northampton parkrun, finishing fourth in his first effort in a time of 17:53. Six months and 15 runs later he has now been first finisher 11 times, with his PB standing at 15:37! His 3k PB is 09:05.

In the past few months he has been relocated 37 miles away to Leicester, away from the community that he has settled into and away from the friends that he has made. His coach in Northampton, Peter Currington, has set up a petition in an attempt to bring Abedom “back home.” The link to which is below. I’m not interested in the politics of this story, I’m just keen to bring a talented young man back to the community in which he has settled. Please consider signing the petition. Thank you.

Bring Abedom Home to Northampton

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