In the end, the Coventry Half Marathon was the race that never happened, yet another event that succumbed to the snow. Unfortunately, unlike other events affected by the weather, such as the Warwick and Stafford half’s, the Coventry half was cancelled altogether, or “postponed until 2019” as the statement read.

According to the organisers, it was “not possible to postpone the race to a future date in the next month or two. To re-schedule, we would need to re-run stakeholder consultations, road closures, public notice periods and re-book specialist contractors and volunteers which takes a huge amount of forward planning to organise for a major city event.”

I understood the decision, and felt it was the correct one to make, but I felt a bit frustrated that they couldn’t rearrange for another time, even if it was not until the autumn. One of the main reasons for my frustration was because of the medal which, as you can see above, is a very smart one. Along with the cancellation confirmation came the announcement that everyone would be receiving a full refund for their entry, along with a discount for entry into next year’s event, which apparently will “definitely happen.” I’m not sure how they can say that with such confidence.

Anyway, more frustration, I wanted that medal! Speculatively, and almost cheekily, I commented on the events’ Facebook post, declaring that they could keep my entrance fee and that I would run the course, send them GPS proof and they could subsequently send me my medal. After all, all of those medals that they had made (did I mention they were very nice?) would be going to waste. Year stamped, they could not be saved for next year. Hardly surprisingly, a number of other participants jumped on the bandwagon, asking if they could complete a virtual half marathon to earn themselves the medal. The organisers then posted a comment saying that they were exploring options with regards to what to do with the medals that they had had made, and would make an announcement in due course.

As mentioned in my previous post, I was also disappointed that I had wasted a two-week taper, reducing my weekly mileage for an event that, in the end, didn’t happen. So I was keen to crank up the volume again in preparation for my next scheduled half marathon. With this in mind, I decided to run to work on the Friday after Coventry was cancelled. This in itself is just over a half marathon, is a nice route, and gets my long run in, done and dusted before work.

The weather was a bit better this time round versus last time I ran in, and the morning was lighter too. Once I’d got over the field between Cawston and Lawford Heath, it really was a nice run along the country lanes into Wolston. No cars about, fields on both sides and the sun rising to a clear sky, it was a gorgeous run in. Leaving the house at around 5:20, I was showered and at my desk before 8:00. A great way to start the day.

Later that day, the organisers of the Coventry half announced what they were going to do with the medals. Anyone who signed up to the race had to prove that they had ran the equivalent of a half marathon since the time the race was cancelled, and you could either collect your medal or have it delivered for an additional charge. So the decision to run to work turned out to be an even better one, and I now have my medal.

It doesn’t quite feel as well earned as the others on my display but, although I didn’t race the distance, I did cover it. Mission accomplished in a way. Next up, Stratford…

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