I should probably begin this post by explaining exactly who/what the Holy Moly’s are.

As part of the Rugby Runners running club, there are at least four separate running groups that I am aware of. There is the ladies running group, the men’s beginners group, the mixed beginner/intermediate group and the advanced group. I run with the beginner/intermediate group, who have affectionately named themselves the ‘Holy Moly’s’.

Supposedly, the name came about after the phrase was coined by our coach. One of the other members of the group was ‘effing and blinding, to which the softly spoken coach responded “oh, holy moly” almost in horror. And so the Holy Moly’s/Team HM were born, with the adopted colour of orange!

I’m not entirely sure how the trophy came about, but I know that, as a group, we have one. And yes, it is decked in orange ribbon. Every three months or so there is a competition within the group, with the trophy as an award for the winner. As the autumn is generally marathon season, the three months from September involved a race prediction competition. Only marathons and half marathons counted, and you could only use one race per month (there were a lot of races signed up for during the three months). You would predict a finish time for yourself prior to the race and the person who finished closest to their predicted time would win the competition.

During the three months I only had one race scheduled, the Northampton Half right at the start of September. I predicted a finish time of 1:42 and finished in 1:41:43. Just 17 seconds out gave me a percentage score of 99.7%, which was enough for the win.

I actually also won the summer series, which involved the greatest increase in PB at Rugby parkrun. However, to be eligible for the competition, you had to do a stint at volunteering. Unfortunately, during the three months, I was only available for the one week, so I set the best improvement, but couldn’t get the volunteer stint in, and so was disqualified.

I’m not sure what the winter series involves yet, and I am yet to receive the trophy due to not being able to attend training sessions in recent weeks, but I think it’s a good idea and adds a little competitive spirit to a group of runners who are not generally at the front of the field.

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