The first race of the East Midlands Grand Prix took us to the Silverstone race track. An apt location given the name of the series. In a race series of mixed distances, this first one was 10km.

I had ran at Silverstone before, for the 2016 half marathon, so I knew what to expect. A relatively flat course, although hillier than you would expect for a race track, with the potential for some strong cross winds. That being said, I had never ran a 10km race before, so I wasn’t really sure on how best to pace it. During a previous training session, I had a 10km PB logged as 49 minutes but I felt that I could go faster than that.

45 minutes was the aim, meaning a nice round target of 4:30 per kilometre. The first three kilometres were all below that; 4:26, 4:23, 4:28. The fourth included a slight incline as I lost half the time that I had gained – 4:37. The next two hovered around the goal time before I made the most of a relatively long downhill section with a 4:18. Another 4:38 followed on the uphill return, but I finished strong with the last kilometre a 4:19. Well, at least I thought I had finished strong.

I’m not sure if they over compensate at Silverstone, or if my watches get confused, but I clocked the half marathon in 13.3 miles and this race in 10.2km. Two different watches too. I therefore crossed the line with a time of 45:36, although my watch clocked the 10km mark at 44:30.

Which do you go by? The watch or the course? I think you have to go by the course and trust that those measuring it out have far more accurate devices than the watch on my wrist searching for GPS signals.

Still, I was happy with my time, so can’t really grumble.

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