The second race of the East Midlands Grand Prix took us to Blisworth. If I’m honest, I’d never heard of Blisworth before never mind knowing what to expect in terms of the course.

Unlike the first race, and the rest of the races in the series in fact, this one was on a Friday night. Not entirely ideal. Having finished work around lunchtime, we had an early dinner at around 4ish. This would be fine I thought, as it was still four hours away from the race. Pork chops however, are not the best meal in preparation for a race.

Given my performance at Silverstone (7:10 per mile), I thought I could potentially run at a similar pace. Although Blisworth would likely be hillier than Silverstone, as it was a shorter distance I thought I could maybe finish in just under 36 minutes. This would mean an average of 7:12 per mile. A little ambitious maybe.

The race started on top of a hill, right next to a farm, a lovely location really. As the start of the race was signalled, I tried to contain the speed as we headed down the rather steep hill. I knew this wouldn’t continue for long so it was a question of whether to gain as much time through this section as possible or to save the legs for a bit later. The other thing to consider was the quads, which would be taking a bit of a pounding travelling downwards.

The watch buzzed for the end of the first mile in 7:04 as we turned almost full circle and back up that same hill. When there’s a Strava segment called “Dat b****in hill” you know it’s a tough one. 4.1% apparently. Mile two = 7:43. Not only time lost but also lost energy in the legs.

It was tough to get the time back after that hill, as the meaty dinner that I’d consumed earlier started sitting on my stomach. The next two were 7:33 and 7:28. The final mile was largely downhill, so I pushed it and finished up with a 7:00 minute mile. Whereas Silverstone was slightly over the 10km distance, whether that be course or watch errors, I was pleased to see that the F5X clocked Blisworth at 5.01 miles, with a time of 36:50. Not quite what I was hoping for, but then it was hillier than I had expected.

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